Ray Rico

I keep all my fortunes.

Graphic Design/Illustration – Design is in my blood. Everything I look at I take apart and then put it back together. It is just how my mind works. From my younger years of actual cut and paste ups with wax machines and tool line in the layout room at my high school newspaper to working on multi-media digital projects now – I have done just about everything when it comes to layouts.
Interactive Design – Interactive design has quickly become the forefront in technology and how we seek out info. So having an dynamic part in molding how that comes to you is important to me because I use the same technology you do. If it doesn’t work or isn’t engaging, I won’t look at it either.
Video – I’m not much of a videographer but love storyboarding and concepting ideas for production. I like playing with behind-the-scenes toys that allow me to be creative in my display, whether it be sound effects, time lapse videos or montages of images with fun songs to accompany them. My approach is different.

I was born in Colorado but moved around a lot as a kid. It allowed me the opportunity to see and live in many different places and taught me culture and character. Finally in my high school years, I was transplanted to a small town in north Tennessee and planted some roots. Later after graduating, I moved to Memphis to pursue a career in printing and design. I attended the U of M and worked for The Commercial Appeal for years. It trained me in life and business. In 2007, I decided to branch out on my own and begin professionally freelancing. Now, eight years later, I’ve developed an established firm in the heart of Cooper Young. Over the years, I always took on projects with non-profits that allowed me to give back to the community. This is my greatest gift so far – I hope you enjoy Focus!