Joan Allison

If your mama says she loves you, check it out!

joan with giraffe
Graphic Design and Writing – I went to college to be a reporter, but after one short summer on a hard news beat in Florida, I couldn’t find a job as a writer back in Memphis. I accepted a job as a ‘copy processer’ at a large, local newspaper which means that my inspiration for my work was ‘you have 100 ads to produce for today’s paper. Just get ‘em done.’ After five years covered in rubber cement and Sharpie stains, I went back to school at Memphis College of Art to become a real designer. Now my inspiration comes from the fine arts (she said with a sniff and an upturned nose). I can even honestly say that my favorite painting style is German Expressionism. Really. How specific and cool-cat is THAT? Having been a journalist, someone who takes the most beautiful writing and boiler plates it down to who, what, when, where, why and how, I like bullet point copy. I like my designs that way too. Don’t wear me out with fluff, or red copy on black background. Keep it simple. Keep it easy. Sell, sell!

I was born in Memphis and have lived here most of my life. My high school years were spent in a small west Tennessee town that had a great band program. I played trumpet in that band…and Memphis State’s band, and Jackson State Community College’s Band, and Ole Miss’ band. I still play trumpet; I’m in Memphis Wind Symphony. Playing trumpet all these years has been an absolute blast, hardeeharhar. Since my Ole Miss graduation, I mostly worked at The Commercial Appeal, first as the aforementioned copy processor, then as an ad copywriter in Creative Services, then as an artist in Creative Services/Marketing Department. After 26 years there, Plan B had to be activated – nursing school. Turns out I LOVE pre-medicine coursework, just not so much actual nursing school. Back to freelance designing I went. Been there ever since. Joan of all trades: writing, design, pathophysiology, bedpan emptying, dog parent and foster parent, and medicine dosage calculation! When I design, I bring all of those experiences to work with me. Now, if only I could bring my dog Emma with me too!