Daphne Butler

It’s all about creativity.

I’m the creative gene in family of teachers. Always had the trail of paper, pencils and crayons behind me. I shared the job of doing the bulletin boards in school… from grade school through college. I tried teaching and accounting but was lead immediately to my love of graphic design. I started graphic design at the beginning of Photoshop. I am made to give that touch of creativity, swirl and art to others.

I was born and raised in the heart of Memphis. I have art and music in my blood. I played the cello from elementary through high school. I received my B.A. in graphic design from the UofM… Goooo Tigers! Let’s you know I l let the hippy artsy person flow almost all my life. I’ve worked at Kinko’s and the Commercial Appeal… even at Graceland. I know quite a few Elvis songs. Now I share my creative juices with Focus magazine.