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Love Wins Again – Pet Focus

April 17, 2017 - articles - ,

by Melinda Lejman
photos courtesy of Ava’s new mommies, Jenny and Beth

What do two rainy days, an abandoned pup, and a couple from Massachusetts have in common? They are all part of a very happy ending thanks to a network of dedicated people and a sweet Chihuahua’s will to live.

The story began last March when a blind and extremely sick doggie was found wandering along Germantown Parkway. A concerned citizen scooped her up, immediately taking her to a veterinarian and posting her info on NextDoor, a networking website for neighbors and the community. No one claimed the adorable girl who had gone into diabetic shock. After ten days in the clinic, and mounting medical bills, the newly named Beth was in need of fostering until a permanent home could be arranged.

The woman who found Beth on that rainy day, along with dozens of other animal lovers, rallied to raise funds for Beth’s treatment by creating a “Friends of Beth” Facebook page to help connect Beth’s fans and support her recovery. Meanwhile, the hunt was on to find an organization that had the capacity to take on an older rescue with serious medical issues. Guardian Angel Pet Rescue (GAPR) quite literally came to the rescue as the only group willing to take on the responsibility of caring for Beth.

As the days went on, Beth grew stronger. Her profile was posted on RescueMe.org and a couple from Massachusetts quickly became interested. Maria and Jenny submitted a request to adopt Beth, excitedly filling out an online application while discussing Beth’s many medical needs with GAPR Executive Director Debra Homas over the phone.

The sadness in her eyes drew us in. Maria took one look at Beth’s post and turned to me, simply saying ‘let’s get her’” explained Jenny.

“We were instantly moved and knew we needed to bring this little girl into our lives.”

The couple wasn’t fazed by Beth’s condition or her medical needs. And because both Jenny and Maria work from home much of the time, they felt perfectly suited to adopt a dog requiring twenty-four-hour care.

Fast forward to another rainy day in August when Beth was driven to Nashville to meet one of her new moms who had flown in just to bring Beth home — it was love at first sight! Not only has Ava (new life, new name!) settled into her new home that she shares with two cats and her canine brother Owen, her new mommies also gave her cataract surgery which has restored her eyesight.

Between being pampered by her moms and playing with her siblings, Ava is enjoying her fortunate new beginning. “She immediately fit into our existing ‘fur family.’ We found a food that she loves (yes, we cook for her!), her diabetes is controlled, and she’s reached her goal weight of 12 pounds!” reports Jenny. “She sleeps on Maria’s pillow at night and can be found on one of our laps at any given time. Ava couldn’t be more loved.”

It isn’t every day that a dog like Ava gets a “happily ever after.” Organizations such as Guardian Angel Pet Rescue work tirelessly to connect animals with loving homes and families every day of the year. If you are interested in adopting a rescue, fostering a cat or dog, or simply want to support the crucial work of GAPR, visit their website at guardianangelpetrescue.com where you will find ways to help, as well as a list of adoptable dogs and cats.