Advertising Policy

ADVERTISING COPY: Focus Magazine reserves the right to reject or edit any advertising copy submitted for publication.  This right extends to the actual design of the ad. At Focus Magazine’s option, the word “Advertisement” may be inserted above or below any advertisement. All instructions to Focus Magazine relative to advertisements must be given in writing. In the case of contracts requiring a stated frequency of insertion, the copy last furnished shall continue to be inserted until new copy is submitted. Focus Magazine shall have the right to determine the classification of any advertising copy submitted. Ads should be simple with strong graphics and a limited amount of copy. Camera-ready ads that do not conform to this style will be returned to the customer/agency for correction. The publisher has the sole discretion to reject ads based on quality of design, size-related issues, and suitability for this ‘PG-13’ publication.

SUBMITTING ART FILES: All provided ads must be a pdf, jpeg, or eps and at least 300 ppi with all fonts embedded or outlined to prevent font problems (we cannot accept .indd, .qrk, .pub, .doc, etc). Please build-in the appropriate bleed (required for full- and half-page ads). Do not add crop marks, bleed marks, color bars, or any other page marks to your document.

FREE AD DESIGN: We are happy to provide this service. Clients must approve all text, logos and/or photography to be used in the ad that we create. Ads created by Focus Magazine must run in our issue prior to appearing in any other publication. All invoices must be paid in full before any access to ads will be permitted. A fee may apply.

MAKE GOOD POLICY: Errors in ads must be reported within 2 weeks of publication. At that time, any errors on the part of Focus Magazine will be considered for a make-good by the publisher. Focus Magazine is not responsible for errors overlooked by advertisers after an ad has been approved.

ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: Focus Magazine will not be responsible for errors or omissions except to the extent of the cost of the first insertion and then only to the extent of a make-good publication for that portion of the advertisement rendered valueless by such error. Such allowance or adjustment shall not be made if the error is not material or was the fault of the advertiser. Any claim for adjustment must be presented in writing to the Focus Magazine publisher within ten days (??? This is different in the Media Kit on the mechanicals page and in the terms of advertising page) of ad publication. Focus Magazine will not be responsible for errors overlooked by the advertiser after an ad has been proofed and approved.

CANCELLATION OR TERMINATION: Advertising contracts will be effective the date signed by advertiser. No rebates will be issued for additional contract space or term used. If during the period covered by this contract, the full amount of space contracted for is not used, or if this contract is terminated because of a breach thereof by the advertiser, then the advertiser shall be “short rated” and shall pay for the space actually used at the rates set forth on the rate card of Focus Magazine. Cancellations are not accepted after space closing date and must be in writing within 30 days of this deadline. Loss of credit due to account delinquency may affect frequency rates.