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Honoring Them with Action, Pulse Vigil One Year Later

June 12, 2017 - articles -

OutMemphis is planning a community vigil to honor the 49 lives taken from us last year in Orlando. The flag at the center was lowered to half-staff today and will be raised at the vigil. The vigil is set for next Monday, June 19th, at 8pm at the center.

Here is a link to their announcement. More details to follow.

Because the Pulse massacre was at a location and on a night where Latinx LGBTQ people were particularly targeted for violence, we are making sure to center Latinx LGBTQ voices and help make this vigil as comfortable a space as possible for Latinx LGBTQ people to attend. To help us, please:

  • Share this invitation with anyone Latinx and LGBTQ from your organizations. Spread the word that we are looking for speakers and to contact Elokin CaPece ecapece@outmemphis.org if they are interested in speaking.
  • Share this invitation with any Spanish translators you have in your organization. We want to have translation support for our English-speaking presenters as well for the full benefit of anyone who is LGBTQ, Spanish-speaking, and in attendance at the vigil.

Event: Pulse Vigil
Date: Monday, June 19th, 8 p.m.
Where: OutMemphis, 892 Cooper St, 38104

About OutMemphis:
OutMemphis’ mission is to empower, connect, educate, and advocate for the LGBT community of the Mid-South. Their vision is that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals live in a world where everyone has equal rights, and is safe, respected, and celebrated.