Candidate Survey Results



Focus Mid-South Survey of
Shelby County Tennessee Candidates
on the August 2, 2018 Ballot



For Shelby County Tennessee Candidates who responded to the survey in any way, a pdf of their response is posted here by their last name.

• a candidate may have given yes/no answers only
• a candidate may have given yes/no answers plus comments about their answer
• a candidate may have given only their name and office for which they’re running and skipped the policy questions

If a candidate did any one of these, the pdf of their individual response is here.

For candidates who did not respond to the survey invitation, there is no survey report. Please review the ballot chart pdf to find their contact information so that you can contact them directly.

Because of special rules that apply to judges, we exempted them from the survey; they are not included with these respondents.


Akbari, Raumesh
Ayers, Kate
Banks, Bishop
Billingsley, Mark
Boatner, John
Boyd, Jasmine
Boyington, George
Brewer, Rhonnie
Bridges, Burton
Brooks, Willie
Brownlee, Allison
Caldwell, Chris
Cambron, Dave
Camper, Karen
Carpenter, Tom
Carson, Gale
Cohen, Steve
Collins, Raquel
Cooper, Barbara
Creasy, Allan
Creson, Donna
Crook, Alvin
Culverhouse, Katherine
Cunningham, Jerry
Dorse-Coleman, Joyce
Durham, Vontyna
Ford, Shelandra
Gipson, Temika
Goff, Sam
Halbert, Wanda
Haley, Kevin
Hamner, Kori
Hardaway, G.A.
Harris, Lee
Harris, Torrey
Huett-Garcia, Amber
Jeff, Jesse
Kernell, Mike
Kuhn, Heidi
Lamar, London
Memula, Sanjeev
Miller, Larry
Mills, Amber
Milton, Reginald
Monger, George
Newman, Regina
Orgel, Billy
Possel, Patricia
Richmond, Isaac
Robinson, Katrina
Sawyer, Tami
Schonbaum, Danielle
Scruggs, Michael
Thompson, Dwayne
Timmerman, Monica
Weatherspoon, David
Webb, Sharon
Whaley, Michael
White, Mark
Williams, Brett