It’s crazy how the world around us can abruptly change leaving hope and compassion dangling
on the edge of a precipice. Normal feels like lifetimes ago. When everything has been stripped
away what remains is determination.

Resistance. Persistence. We dig our feet into the soil, sharpen teeth, lace up boots, and clutch
hands with one another. We continue to raise our voices. Twenty artists converge at Crosstown
Arts to create original works that explore today’s America.

Up in Arms Collective was born out of the need for the dance community to respond to what is
happening in America in an open and affirming environment. What originally began as a
community of diverse Memphis dance artists has since grown to include local filmmakers,
musicians, and artists.

Performing artists include Kimberly Baker, Sheri Bancroft, Orixa Bowers, Burton Bridges,
Rebecca Rose Cochran, Marie Dennan, Emily Hefley, J Tbj Jones, Jenn King, Louisa Koeppel,
Sarah Ledbetter, Kristen Osborne Lucas, Wayne Smith, Lauren Stallings, Erin D. H. Williams
and along with musicians Misti Rae Holton and Kyle Statham, filmmakers Joel Rose and Laura
Jean Hocking, and photographer Stephanie Wexler.

“Up In Arms Collective has been a welcome addition to my creative circle since its inception in
2016,” says dancer and performing artist, Sarah Ledbetter. “It’s one of those rare situations that
unites artists from different disciplines around shared values.”

Through community collaboration, artists are empowered, and through RESPONSE 3, Up in
Arms Collective hopes to leave others empowered. Art has the power to change us all and
transform the world. Our responses are candid, personal, and as diverse as the artists
themselves and explore power, fear, truth, boldness, self-determination, activism, love, support,
protection, humor, and revolution.

Up in Arms Collective presents RESPONSE 3 on Friday-Sunday, November 30 and December
1-2, 2018 at Crosstown Arts, 430 N. Cleveland, in Memphis, TN. All performances begin at 7:00

Tickets are $10 cash only and available at the door. Seating is general admission and on a first
come, first serve basis. To find out more about RESPONSE 3, like Up in Arms Collective on
Facebook. Donations will be made to Mid-South Immigration Services, Mid-South Peace and
Justice Center, and Planned Parenthood – Greater Memphis Region.



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