WHAT: Barrier Free Art, Opera Memphis, The Art Museum of the University of Memphis, and Latino Memphis join talents to present, “La Posada.”  A beautiful and thought provoking art collaboration in response to the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border with the established immigration detention centers, the recent caravan of asylum seekers, and the connection to the  biblical story of the Holy family seeking refuge as we enter the holiday season. The community is invited to be part of an art installation with a performance of classical opera that promote the idea of a more inclusive and welcoming country.

WHO: Yancy Villa-Calvo, visual artist, creator of Barrier Free Art
Bethania Baray, soprano -Opera Memphis
Philip Himebook, tenor -Opera Memphis
Ting Ting Yao, pianist -Opera Memphis

WHEN: Media is invited to all of the following:

Rehearsal:  Thursday, November 29th, 2018: 1pm (more information below)
Performance: Saturday, December 8th, 2018: 4pm. – 6pm.
Art Exhibition only: Through December 14th.

WHERE: Art Museum of the University of Memphis,

3750 Norriswood Dr.
142 Communication & Fine Art Building
Memphis, TN 38152

DETAILS:   Event is free and open to the public. Families are welcome.

MEDIA CONTACT:  Yancy Villa-Calvo 901.283.1070 yancy@yancyart.com

More information at BarrierFreeArt.org; social media: Vimeo, Posada Event,  Barrier Free Art on Facebook

Hashtags: #ForFreedoms #50StateInitiative #BarrierFreeArt #LatinoMemphis #BarrierFree #OperaMemphis #MexicanPiñata #MemphisPosada #ArtCollaboration

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