LGBT Ally: Robin Beaudoin

by Sarah Rutledge Fischer | photo by Greg Campbell  If you are a loyal reader of Focus Mid-South Magazine, you already know her name. Robin Beaudoin has been a contributing writer for Focus since day one, penning articles about some of the Memphis LGBT+ community’s...

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LGBT Ally: Melisa Valdez

  At a time when threats to liberty and justice abound, having an ally and supporter like Melisa Valdez is invaluable. A 14-year resident of Memphis, Valdez appreciates the convenience of what the city has to offer, as well as the fact that she can get anywhere...

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Ask Allie: Making Office Space LGBT+ Welcoming

by Sarah Rutledge Fischer  Dear Allie, I recently took over office management for a small estate planning office in a medium sized city. My boss is an older, straight, white man, but he is incredibly accepting. Through word-of-mouth recommendations he has acquired a...

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U of M Aims to Stop Sexual Assault Before it Happens

by Dana Cooper You’d be hard pressed to turn on the TV or open a newspaper these days without seeing evidence that the bad guys are having their moment. As a nation, we just endured the harrowing Supreme Court confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused...

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Art & Culture

La Posada Art Collaboration

WHAT: Barrier Free Art, Opera Memphis, The Art Museum of the University of Memphis, and Latino Memphis join talents to present, “La Posada.”  A beautiful and thought provoking art collaboration in response to the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border with the...

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A Victorian Holiday with Opera Memphis

Memphis, Tenn. Nov. 16, 2018 – Opera Memphis celebrates the holiday season with a new interactive operatic experience, A Victorian Holiday with Opera Memphis, December 14 and 15 from 7 – 10 PM at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens. Tickets are $25, and Dixon Members...

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Original Memphis: Enchanted Forest

story by Vincent Astor (above photo an elf from the 1980s, courtesy of the Pink Palace Museum) Goldsmith’s downtown was a wonderful store with numerous departments on several floors. It was also in many ways a labyrinth, the original building having taken over several...

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Original Memphis: Orpheum Theatre

story by Kevin Shaw | photo above by Justin Fox Burks There is so much about Memphis to love. In fact, if you’re not careful, you can almost forget some of its countless blessings. Whether it be the NBA team or the FedEx Forum or the newly constructed Crosstown, the...

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Strawberry Plains Audubon Center

  by Joan Allison  What struck me most about my first-ever visit to Strawberry Plains Audubon Center was how quickly I was transported back in time to my grandparents’ place in the Mississippi Delta. My grandfather was a farmer, so they lived out in the boondocks...

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