Christian Westphal

Be like water

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I was born on the West Coast but I’ve spent all my life in Memphis. Even though I received my BFA from the University of Memphis with a concentration in Graphic Design, I also have a background in printmaking and painting. During my time at UofM I was either glued to a computer screen or practically living in the printshop.

Ive always been fascinated in the way that our eyes and brains interpret and interact with shape, color, line and composition. As an artist and designer I love that I can play with those concepts in order to communicate ideas.

I feel that Art and Design shape our culture and the very world we live in and I can only hope that my work can influence someone somewhere in someway.
I am always trying to hone my craft and keep creativity levels high. If Im not tinkering with design work Im often painting, working on some print design, and trying to stay on top of my cooking game.